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The charger devices offered by Industrial Batteries LTD result from the numerous years of research work in the search of the optimal regime of batteries charging.

When purchasing a new battery, it is recommendable to use invertor charger device that ensures battery’s final forming and the operational life guaranteed by the producer.

When using the invertor charger device the current and voltage are stabilized, because there is protection for controlling the network voltage at the minimum admissible value. Smooth battery charging is intended thus ensuring the minimum water loss and minimum gas emission.

The management of the charging process does not require qualified personnel and control and monitoring time, 100% charge is guaranteed thus extending battery’s operational life.


  • Main charge with stabilized current
  • Charge with stabilized voltage and falling current
  • Optimized charge with pulse reversing current
  • Thanks to the microcycles of charging/discharging active battery desulfation takes place
  • The adaptable properties of the charger device allow the battery to remain switched on charge for unlimited period of time
  • The differentiated control ensures minimum gas emission, does not allow recharge, thus saving electricity and no frequent water tapping is necessary
  • Protection against short circuit and overload at the exit
  • Protection against switching a batter of suitable voltage
  • Protection against low voltage within the network and one phase missing


  • Charge of the VRLA and GEL batteries
  • Additional manual regulation of the main parameters
  • Temperature control of the battery being charged
  • Digital measurement of the outlet parameters
  • Measurement of the restored capacity in AH
  • High frequency network transformer to be inbuilt in the car
  • Combined charger devices for charge


Charger devices for stationary batteries


  • Stabilized IU characteristics under DIN 41733
  • Temperature compensation of the under charge voltage
  • Opportunity to operate without battery
  • Voltage stabilization to the load through diode compensation
  • System with sectioned battery
  • Microprocessor controller, damages’ protocol
  • Battery symmetry control
  • Cellular levelling charge
  • Indication of power connection failure
  • Amperehour meter