Industrial Batteries Ltd. specializes in the design, construction and equipment of charging rooms for traction and starter batteries.

In case of need of a professionally executed charging room, Industrial Batteries Ltd. has the necessary personnel and technical support to design, build and equip the necessary installation. An engineering team will visit the site to discuss the client's requirements, to acquaint him with the proposed types of installations and to recommend the most appropriate project for the specific case.

The construction of charging stations includes:

  • Design of the room;
  • Construction of floor and wall coverings in accordance with state regulations;
  • Specification, design and installation of gas aspiration systems;
  • Delivery and installation of softening installations for water purification and storage;
  • Delivery and installation of racks for batteries and chargers;
  • Delivery and installation of chargers for your batteries;
  • Battery lifting and installation systems;
  • Battery washer;
  • All the necessary accessories for your charging room.

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