The motive power batteries are being operated for feeding all types and models of lifting-transport, floor-cleaning equipment, electric platforms, manually driven cars and platform cars etc. The motive power batteries could be applied in the loading-unloading equipment in the production processes, in hypermarkets, warehouses and logistic centres, aviation, maritime industry, district heating, pharmacy, railway transport, mining industry and the power sector.

As a result of Industrial Batteries Targovishte’s many years of cooperation with highly qualified engineers and the run tests, we developed the motive power batteries PERPETUUM. The batteries are characterized by their long useful life – over 1500 cycles, completed capacities and unpretentiousness towards the operational environment. The construction of the PERPETUUM batteries is in conformity with the global standards as well as with the European DIN and BS. The operational characteristics of the motive power batteries produced by Industrial Batteries are guaranteed in conformity with the requirements of Bulgarian State Standard EN 60254.

Additionally, Industrial Batteries Targovishte offers GEL batteries produced according to the VRGLA GEL technology with valve regulation and gel electrolyte.

Thanks to their high operational safety, the gel batteries are suitable for application in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industry.

The gel motive power batteries do not require maintenance, no topping with distilled water is necessary. The gel accumulators do not cause pollution or corrosion because of electrolyte leakage.

The introduced quality management standards EN ISO 9001:2008 guarantee the high quality of the production thanks to the continuous quality control we maintain of the utilized materials and the comprehensive technological process.

Company’s design department is capable of developing nonstandard batteries in conformity with client’s requirements for the various applications.