Rosatom will put into operation an innovative Li-Ion traction battery delivered by Industrial Batteries Ltd.

The produced traction battery with a capacity of 1000Ah and a voltage of 80V is ready for transportation and will be used to drive a specialized storage machine. It is the result of expert development based on an assignment submitted by the Russian company and is distinguished by its innovative technology. Lithium-ion cells are used to build the battery, which is a relatively new approach in the production of such products. The advantage of lithium-ion technology is faster charging and increased number of battery life cycles. The battery is equipped with a suitable charger and includes a modern control system. The latter allows constant control of the discharge and charge process, as well as remote monitoring of battery parameters. Thus, the specialists of "Industrial Batteries" Ltd. have the opportunity to monitor the condition of the battery in real time during its 36-month warranty period.

The order from Rosatom was assigned to "Industrial Batteries" Ltd. after winning a tender for the supply of the required battery. For the implementation of the project the Bulgarian company relies on its exclusive partnership with the Slovenian "TAB", which is one of the world leaders in the supply of traction batteries.